Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chapter One, Page One

I have long suspected that my person's intellectual prowess is not equal to my own. While she is fluffy, pleasant, free with fake bacon and other treats, and quite competent with the administering of behind-the-ear scratches, she does not comprehend the constant peril that continuously surrounds us. As ruler of this fiefdom, it is my duty to keep constant vigil over her and my other subjects, especially from the males of her species and other canines who trespass upon my land.
However, the events of today have left me troubled. We drove many miles to a place with many other dogs, but that is not what concerns me. The trouble is this, dear reader-I fear that the Canine Mastery woman is plotting to overthrow me and place my person on the throne of this empire. I received several "corrections" for walking too far ahead of her and my person. This did not please me at all. I also attempted to drive off a particularly nefarious-looking Doberman who was rudely ignoring me. She "corrected" me again! Then, I was keeping close watch on a male person and I was "corrected" YET AGAIN. This does not bode well for me! Am I doomed to become a genial, obedient dog with no control over my person whatsoever? Will I be forced to greet men and dogs politely? I shudder to think of this coming to pass. Only time will tell, dear reader...only time will tell.