Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapter One, Page Two

"Tonight there was no sign of this Canine Mastery female. We stayed at home. Around nightfall we went for a delightful and lengthy walk. My person is quite safe from all these snarling fools in their pitiful little chain link kingdoms...I ignore them. I pity the slaves chained to their tiny little dungeons. Their persons are obviously of very inferior stock. Two males approached us. I gave them the smallest of warnings and received a "correction". I decided to let this pass. My person is obviously ill, or under the evil influence of that "dog trainer"...Overall the walk was a pleasant one. I stayed close to my person's side and enjoyed the fresh air. Only one growl at my fellow dogs when we reentered the castle, and again the troublesome "correction".

I fear the yellow one called "Lola" is here permanently. I noticed she has an amulet on her necklace that is identical to my own. Curious. She also taunts me, running back and forth squeaking her delightful little Kong toy. I want it. I want it very badly. Each time I take it my person "corrects" me and gives me my Binky. I do love the Binky, but sometimes variety is the spice of life, and after all, I am just a man."