Thursday, December 5, 2013


Some of you may have noticed Boo Radley's diary is on hold. I'm trying so hard to focus on getting Nora a home that I figure if I have time to compose something, it should be for her. Boo Radley is safe and loved in his forever home. He doesn't mind losing the limelight for a while...He wants Nora to quit hogging his mama LOL

Chapter Five, Page Four

The Not-Dogs are everywhere tonight. I hear their insane yippings from all directions. They sound hungry, and they are searching for some small creature to eat. The old grumpy one was barking nervously and pacing to and fro in the back meadow. He is old, and forgets that he is no longer king in this palace. Once it was HIS job to protect the subjects of the kingdom, but when I became fully grown I took over his rule. In his old age he sometimes forgets he is retired to a life of naps and sitting on the lap of the wrinkled one. I don't mind-someday I shall hand over the throne to another and with good luck he will indulge me as well.

I patrolled the perimeter of the meadow twice more after my person called me to go inside, and marked the edges well with my scent. I bear the Not-Dogs no ill will, but they shall not dine on THIS castle's birds tonight.

Yours ever vigilant,
Boo Radley

Chapter Five, Page Three

I was sorely vexed with my person today. She has been staying at the castle all day as of late, but today she disappeared and came back at dusk smelling of other dogs. The tall one in the side meadow is one thing. I can handle her charity toward a dog with no castle of its own, but really! There is only so much time in a day, and Iexpect her to devote the majority of hers to me, her sovereign.

As punishment for her transgression, I forced her to throw the Binky over and over and over again. She tried to stop, but I insisted she continue. I even placed it on her face when she tried to slumber! I feel she must have recognized her guilt, because she only laughed and continued to throw it. I had intended to wear her into a state of great fatigue, but strangely enough I felt my own self growing weary. Now I am resting, sprawled out beside her with my hip firmly anchoring her foot. Should she try to leave again this day, I will waken and give her a royal glare...

Yours in watchful exhaustion,
Boo Radley

Chapter Five, Page Two

MOST unsettling day. My person's mother brought strange things into the house. I found it exceedingly odd when she brought a tree into the house and hung things from it, but today was the final straw.

She pulled out these...CREATURES that make noise, but do not breathe. They almost look like animals, but they are made of the fur that persons change daily. They sounded like muffled human barking, and the small persons howled mirthfully when they 'barked'. Some of them have small balls on them that make a high pitched noise not easily described. She also placed a red thing on her head that made these noises AND person noises, and it flopped about like a dying fish, AND it had flashed of light coming from it.

Dear readers, I am sorely puzzled and my head aches with all this unexplained behavior. I am retiring early tonight, and hoping that tomorrow all these things will be gone from the castle, and only a bad dream...

Your befuddled leader,
Boo Radley

Chapter Five, Page One

There are strange animals yipping outside. They sound like dogs, yet they also do NOT sound like dogs. I have heard these animals many times before. They are cowards, and will not face me. They smell strange, and they have no persons smell about them. I bark a few times to warn them off, just in case they decide to eat the birds that belong to the wrinkled one. I love her, and I love the delicious eggs they lay as well.

The yellow one's behavior has improved somewhat as of late. It is cold outside often, and even she prefers the warmth of the castle to the chilly night air. My person keeps the warm box in the castle wall going quite often. She places odd things in there, and when she opens it they have turned into delicious smelling food. I rarely get to partake of this food, but I do enjoy the warmth and the smells.

I lay at my person's feet tonight, as I have been feeling very affectionate to her as of late. I do not like her to leave the castle without me, and while she did that for a short while today, she always returns in due time and I am quite comforted by her presence. During my slumber earlier today, I had dreams of mighty battles in which I guarded the castle from giant yipping not-dogs and marauding dogs. I woke to the mirthful howling of my person and others. It is not good form to make merry at the expense of your king, but I am feeling so much goodwill towards her today that I let it pass without incident.

I bid you goodnight, and may you dispatch your dream-foes as quickly and completely as I conquer mine.