Saturday, May 3, 2014

Volume 2-Page Eight

Today we went to the far away meadow again. Much Binky throwing, and the yellow one behaved herself quite nicely. At the approach of a small golden-haired dog, I did become cross momentarily, but quickly reconsidered my position. Although our circumstances are not ideal, our kingdom must go on. As monarch, I am the glue that holds my subjects' together.

In our temporary kingdom, there is a great white and brindle female who visits us often. She is a funny looking thing, with a short wrinkled muzzle and large jaws. She hasn't the grace and streamlined elegance of the yellow one, but there is something quite appealing in her tall, heavily muscled frame and strange eyes, the color of an unclouded sky. I am undecided as to whether she is friend or foe. The small blue feline is also a puzzle. He appears to believe that he is king over this strange new territory. What an odd thing that would be, a feline ruler. He is quite savvy and sure of himself however, sitting just on the other side of the castle walls and gazing at the yellow one and I with not a whit of fear in his yellow eyes. I quite think he would make a formidable opponent despite his stature. Feline monarchy-perhaps it is not such a far-fetched idea. Barring any dogs who are up to the task, of course.

Yours in quiet contemplation,
Boo Radley

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