Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volume 2-Page Nine

The upset in my kingdom continues. The yellow one and I are so confused, and I sorely miss my person. Although she is often here with us, we do not sleep at her feet like before. There is no castle here, only a tiny meadow with not a blade of grass. I want to place my trust in her, and I have a feeling that when she leaves in the evening it is to search for a new castle, but I cannot help but wonder why she does not take me along in her search. Has she forsaken us? Has her loyalty turned elsewhere? I am saddened, perplexed, and ashamed of my doubting.
I long to lay at her feet and drop the Binky on her lap as I used to do. I yearn for the days when she asked us to sit for "treats" in the castle, when I guarded her from harm as she washed herself in the room with the waterfall. I I wish I could make her understand my barks. I would tell her that I will never be cross with any dog or human again, I will never bark at the strangers who approach us, I will not drop my Binky in the fire pit or the food bowl, I will try not to shed my coat in the castle, I will do anything if we can only be together again as we once were.
I fear my kingdom will never be whole again.
Yours in great sorrow,
Boo Radley

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