Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volume 2-Page Twelve

Today my person took us to the meadow immediately after she returned home. We frolicked for quite some time. Some dog left his flat Binky, and I enjoyed chasing it, although it is quite tricky to catch. Once my person threw it high in the air and I lost my balance trying to intercept it, falling flat on my back! My person was frightened but when she saw I was quite unharmed she began to howl with mirth. At first, I was mortified and angry, but then I too saw the humor in the situation. After all, no dog witnessed my mistake, since the yellow one was busy sniffing about the meadow with clueless abandon.
Several wagons pulled up and dogs came into the meadow, which signaled our exit. My person does not trust other dogs to give me the proper respect a monarch deserves. She also does not trust their persons to keep watch over their actions. I was not disappointed at our departure, as the yellow one and I were both quite spent from our exertions. We then returned to our little castle, where we now lay at her feet. I expect we shall take another walk before we retire for the evening. I believe we are settling in our new kingdom quite well.
Yours contentedly,
Boo Radley

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