Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volume 2-Page Eleven

Dear readers, I have wonderful news to share with you this day! My person, the yellow one and I have conquered a new kingdom, and I have a castle once again!
Before we traveled, my person gave the yellow one and I both a washing. I find this odious, but it gave me hope that adventure was afoot. We rode in the new wagon and discovered that it breathes a cold breath and howls, which was a revelation to me. All other wagons I have ridden were silent and the air was thick. I found it refreshing, as the day was muggy, although I did not care for the howling. However my person seems to have the ability to dim its vocal cords, which I also find most interesting.
On the way to the castle we stopped at a far-away meadow, much like the one we have left behind However this meadow was huge beyond measure, and there was a magic bowl that spouted water when my person poked at it. The yellow one and I ran and ran, until we threw ourselves down on the grass from exhaustion. Some foolish dog had left his Binky behind and I played with it for quite some time. Then we rode the wagon to our new kingdom and oh, the smells that awaited us!
There are many small animals scurrying about, and flying creatures as well, both predator and prey. I marked the meadow quite copiously in case of interlopers, and although the castle is small it seems like home. My throne room was already there, and one of my favorite Binkies as well.
My heart is happy tonight, dear readers. My person has stayed true to her king and I sleep at her feet once again.
Yours in joy,
Boo Radley

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