Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volume 2-Page Thirteen

The new castle is satisfactory, yet it lacks a fortress wall around the meadow. This is disturbing, as I am developing a small case of castle fever. However the far-away meadow is a delightful daily occurrence. I am becoming quite adept at catching the flat Binky as it sails through the air.
Today on the other side of the meadow, a yellow male seemed to recognize my person, and she him. She seemed very happy to see him, and kept calling him "Hank". His person and my own held a lengthy conversation. He seems an affable fellow and in fine form. He ran up and down the length of the meadow with the yellow one, playing and barking with her through the wall.
We both received a delicious meaty treat on the way home, and are now sprawled across the cool castle floor recovering from our exertions.
It is good to be king.
Yours in happiness,
Boo Radley

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