Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Volume 2-Page Fifteen

So many things to say tonight, dear readers. As if she could see into my mind, my person took me to meet my archenemy in battle tonight! I was thrilled, but upon arrival I became nervous and unsure. Then while playing evening games I refused to lay down next to dogs I did not know. I became quite nasty and ill-tempered with my person, I'm sorry to say. However like always she seems to forget even the most immediate past events, and at the end of that very same game she praised me as if I had never treated her badly at all. I was quite ashamed of myself. Persons are simple-minded in their devotion, and as the stronger creature I should try harder to protect her and be deserving of her loyalty. I behaved quite well after that unfortunate event, and in fact my person, not I, received several corrections. It seems time has dulled her memory of the Canine Mastery person's rules of battle.
But this was the least of our adventures. On our return to the castle, traveling much faster than any dog or person in our wagon, we heard a loud rattling and the wagon began to shake. My person immediately guided the wagon to the side of the road, and upon inspecting the right front paw of the wagon, she began to remove it, and replaced it with another smaller paw. It was quite frightening with all those wagons whizzing by like huge metal birds of prey. I was relieved when we finally returned to the castle, and am now utterly spent.
Yours in exhaustion,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Fourteen

Today was uneventful. Binky throwing at the meadow, a delicious treat or two, and rest. I grow weary of this placid life. I long to meet the Canine Mastery person in battle again. What is a warrior king with no foe? I fear I shall become lazy and fat. How to communicate this to my person, dear readers...that is my conundrum.
Yours with a touch of ennui,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Thirteen

The new castle is satisfactory, yet it lacks a fortress wall around the meadow. This is disturbing, as I am developing a small case of castle fever. However the far-away meadow is a delightful daily occurrence. I am becoming quite adept at catching the flat Binky as it sails through the air.
Today on the other side of the meadow, a yellow male seemed to recognize my person, and she him. She seemed very happy to see him, and kept calling him "Hank". His person and my own held a lengthy conversation. He seems an affable fellow and in fine form. He ran up and down the length of the meadow with the yellow one, playing and barking with her through the wall.
We both received a delicious meaty treat on the way home, and are now sprawled across the cool castle floor recovering from our exertions.
It is good to be king.
Yours in happiness,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Twelve

Today my person took us to the meadow immediately after she returned home. We frolicked for quite some time. Some dog left his flat Binky, and I enjoyed chasing it, although it is quite tricky to catch. Once my person threw it high in the air and I lost my balance trying to intercept it, falling flat on my back! My person was frightened but when she saw I was quite unharmed she began to howl with mirth. At first, I was mortified and angry, but then I too saw the humor in the situation. After all, no dog witnessed my mistake, since the yellow one was busy sniffing about the meadow with clueless abandon.
Several wagons pulled up and dogs came into the meadow, which signaled our exit. My person does not trust other dogs to give me the proper respect a monarch deserves. She also does not trust their persons to keep watch over their actions. I was not disappointed at our departure, as the yellow one and I were both quite spent from our exertions. We then returned to our little castle, where we now lay at her feet. I expect we shall take another walk before we retire for the evening. I believe we are settling in our new kingdom quite well.
Yours contentedly,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Eleven

Dear readers, I have wonderful news to share with you this day! My person, the yellow one and I have conquered a new kingdom, and I have a castle once again!
Before we traveled, my person gave the yellow one and I both a washing. I find this odious, but it gave me hope that adventure was afoot. We rode in the new wagon and discovered that it breathes a cold breath and howls, which was a revelation to me. All other wagons I have ridden were silent and the air was thick. I found it refreshing, as the day was muggy, although I did not care for the howling. However my person seems to have the ability to dim its vocal cords, which I also find most interesting.
On the way to the castle we stopped at a far-away meadow, much like the one we have left behind However this meadow was huge beyond measure, and there was a magic bowl that spouted water when my person poked at it. The yellow one and I ran and ran, until we threw ourselves down on the grass from exhaustion. Some foolish dog had left his Binky behind and I played with it for quite some time. Then we rode the wagon to our new kingdom and oh, the smells that awaited us!
There are many small animals scurrying about, and flying creatures as well, both predator and prey. I marked the meadow quite copiously in case of interlopers, and although the castle is small it seems like home. My throne room was already there, and one of my favorite Binkies as well.
My heart is happy tonight, dear readers. My person has stayed true to her king and I sleep at her feet once again.
Yours in joy,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Ten

I have been feeling more optimistic today. I have discovered that my person is quite ill, and perhaps that is the reason for our delay in searching for a castle. A yellow haired person who lives in this castle has been very pleasant, though I sensed fear in her upon our initial arrival. I heard her make this noise to my very bedraggled person "imnotscaredhesjustalkingtomeiknowthatnow". Quite a long bit of nonsense, but I believe I detected an affectionate tone. She cleaned the meadow of our waste and brought us fresh water today, as my person was not physically able to do so. She gives good head scratches although I would prefer not to share them with the yellow one. A king must be pampered in times of uprest.
Yours with cautious optimism,
Boo Radley

Volume 2-Page Nine

The upset in my kingdom continues. The yellow one and I are so confused, and I sorely miss my person. Although she is often here with us, we do not sleep at her feet like before. There is no castle here, only a tiny meadow with not a blade of grass. I want to place my trust in her, and I have a feeling that when she leaves in the evening it is to search for a new castle, but I cannot help but wonder why she does not take me along in her search. Has she forsaken us? Has her loyalty turned elsewhere? I am saddened, perplexed, and ashamed of my doubting.
I long to lay at her feet and drop the Binky on her lap as I used to do. I yearn for the days when she asked us to sit for "treats" in the castle, when I guarded her from harm as she washed herself in the room with the waterfall. I I wish I could make her understand my barks. I would tell her that I will never be cross with any dog or human again, I will never bark at the strangers who approach us, I will not drop my Binky in the fire pit or the food bowl, I will try not to shed my coat in the castle, I will do anything if we can only be together again as we once were.
I fear my kingdom will never be whole again.
Yours in great sorrow,
Boo Radley